Family Planning Funding

When we work to prevent unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer and other reproductive health issues, we reduce the state’s burden down the road for social services costs. Iowans access family planning services through clinics that receive public funding from state programs. These services fill an otherwise unmet need for women who often have inadequate or no health insurance. By including contraceptive services and family planning counseling, thousands of unintended pregnancies and abortions are prevented each year.

Despite overwhelming public support and the individual, social and economic benefits associated with family planning services, these programs remain significantly underfunded. A full 82 percent of Iowans think the state should invest in family planning assistance programs.

Additionally, a small but vocal group of family planning opponents would like to see public funding for family planning dismantled or restricted so that public health organizations including Planned Parenthood would be unable to provide women with uncensored information about abortion or abortion services.

When we invest in prevention, the state saves. For every $1 invested in family planning assistance programs, up to $4 is saved on the social services costs of an unintended pregnancy.